• Ivan Witkamp: +36 30 656 2605 - E-mai

No problem if we speak about projects with some hectares or just a small greenhouse the company Holland Hungarian Greenhouses Kft is always ready to build all over Europe. Info’s about prices you can receive through internet or mail. You can find our availability under the chapter “Contact”.  

Holland Hungarian Greenhouses Kft is a Hungarian company with a Dutch director.

This company is specified in the building, renovation and sales of greenhouses all over Europe. We deliver new and occasion greenhouses. With our company the Dutch quality is a promise and will be built by our Hungarian employees with a Dutch foreman. Every type of greenhouse can be delivered by us. With these attractive prices of cheaper building costs it could be attractive for you. If you got further questions about delivery and total amount. Then we will be glad to serve you.


Ivan Witkamp: +36 30 656 2605 - E-mai