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Our innovative, made-to-measure heating systems include:

• Pipe rail heating
• Elevated heating
• Growing tube heating
• Floor heating
• Hose heating
• Monorail heating
• Snow heating
• Air heating
• Boiler systems
• Heat storage systems


The positive effect of cooling on production has been more than demonstrated in recent years. Both quantitatively and qualitatively. The possibilities for applying cooling in the greenhouse have increased significantly too in the recent past. Consider here soil, air or water cooling. The Bom Group has in this time realised countless successful projects including for the cultivation of amaryllis, freesias and alstroemerias (soil cooling) and also tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and phalaenopsis (greenhouse cooling).


Pad & Fan-System

The Pad & Fan system, or mattress cooling, is one of the best-known forms of evaporation cooling, and it is widely used to cool greenhouses especially in southern countries, where the outdoor humidity is often low.

Method of this system;

1. The dry exterior air is humidified by means of a pad wall.
2. The humidified air absorbs part of the heat in the greenhouse.
3. The saturated hot air is extracted from the greenhouse with fans.


CO2 Systems

CO2 is an essential raw material for the plant to manufacture sugars. 

For most cultivation, it is economically sound to supply CO2. This is possible by means of a central CO2 supply, hot air furnaces, or with pure CO2.

The Bom Group designs and installs the correct CO2 supply system to suit your operation.


Ivan Witkamp: +36 30 656 2605 - E-mai